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Palm Reading in New York, California

The art of palm reading in New York is an ancient and popular form of divination found throughout the world and in many cultures. It is the art of predicting the future through the study of the lines found in the palms of the left and right hand and on the fingers. The shape of the hands and fingers and the texture of the skin along with the flexibility of your bone are used to identify personal characteristics (such as tolerance or inflexibility) and behavior patterns.

The palm is the true and honest window of the human soul. Our palms are unique, and there are not two people on the planet during all the time they have had or will have identical palm prints.

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Sometimes, life can make us stumble and we need some clarity, guidance and understanding to help us in a difficult stage and palmistry can show us the way.

Palm fingerprints can help eliminate blockages in one's life and one can open up to a much happier and healthier future.

Therefore, palmistry can be more than a predictive tool, but it can help us identify our patterns of behavior and can show us how things are more likely to progress unless we implement the necessary changes. In this way, palmistry can be used to avoid mistakes and prevent us from repeating mistakes of the past.

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